Am I allowed to work in my profession if I do not yet have recognition and a BIG registration?

If you are a doctor, dentist, pharmacist, healthcare psychologist, psychotherapist, physician assistant, physiotherapist, midwife or nurse, you are only allowed to work professionally in the Netherlands if you have a registration in the BIG register. You can only apply for a BIG registration if your diploma is recognised.

For all other professions a CIBG recognition is sufficient in order to work independently. A BIG registration is not possible for these professions. From a legal perspective you will be in the same position, before or during the recognition procedure, as Dutch students who are attending practical internships during the last part of their course. You may then work under the responsibility of a care provider who is actually authorised. He or she must inform the patient and ask permission for you to do so. He or she will also determine what you are allowed to do and will check your work. You will not be allowed to use your professional title either. This means, for example, that you will not be allowed to call yourself a doctor or dentist.

It is sensible to contact a care provider in the Netherlands to arrange an internship. In that way you will gain experience with the Dutch healthcare system.