What are the characteristics of the Dutch courses?

The content of the courses in the Netherlands is sometimes different to courses abroad. Your professional skill/qualifications is/are recognised if the level of professional skill is equal to the level attained at the end of the equivalent Dutch course.

Dutch courses have the following characteristics:

  • They are broad-based courses aimed at all patient categories and all care sectors, namely prevention, home care and primary and secondary care.
  • The courses prepare students to become independent professionals. In the Netherlands care providers are often not instructed by doctors. This means they have to be able to make diagnoses and needs assessments themselves.
  • The courses not only focus on professional-technical aspects of the profession, but also on skills and competencies such as cooperation, methodical working, evidence-based thinking and professional conduct.

The assessment of your application is based on the above characteristics.

The assessment is carried out by an independent committee of experts, known as the Commission for Foreign Healthcare Graduates (CBGV). The members of this committee work in medical practice and at the educational institutions.