Where can I find information about what exactly I should do and when?

Read more about the different procedures. In addition, there are general information meetings where the procedure is explained and where you can ask questions about your personal situation to employees of the BIG-register/CIBG. We recommend that you attend one of these meetings before applying.

If you submit an application, we will indicate exactly what you need to do for each step and how long it will take. Special information meetings are held for people who have to take a test.

We advise you to be well informed about the Dutch training for your profession and about your profession as practiced in the Netherlands.

It is your responsibility to properly prepare for the procedure. An important part of this preparation is mastering the Dutch language. If that control is insufficient, there is no point in submitting an application. The entire procedure is in Dutch, except for a few documents (see the application form for this). If you have to take tests, or follow additional training or an adjustment internship, your Dutch must be sufficient to pass.