Do I have to apply for recognition as an oral hygienist or as a registered oral hygienist?

If you want to work as an oral hygienist in the Netherlands, you can do so as an oral hygienist or as a registered oral hygienist. The right choice for you may differ per person or (future) situation. Because distinguishing and making the choice may be difficult, we help you with that. Once your application for recognition of your foreign diploma has reached us, we will contact you and we will discuss the procedure and your personal situation. During or after this meeting you make your choice and pass it on to us.

Recognition of diploma

For both professions, you will be assessed for the recognition of your diploma at the final level of the current Dutch oral healthcare program. This assessment is made by the CBGV (Commissie Buitenslands Gediplomeerden Gezondheidszorg). This Committee for Foreign Graduates in Healthcare invites you to an interview at a later stage of the procedure.

Working in the Netherlands

The recognition procedure is the same for both professions. However, the trajectory to actually start working in the Netherlands is different for both professions. Below the global trajectory per profession:

Oral hygienist

  • You apply for recognition of your diploma.

  • If you have received your recognition, you can use the title oral hygienist and you can work in the Netherlands as an oral hygienist.

Registered oral hygienist

  • You apply for recognition of your diploma.
  • After recognition of your diploma, you apply for BIG registration as a registered oral hygienist. This requires, among other things, a radiation protection certificate (Supervising Employee Radiation Protection Dentistry (TMS)) and proof of Dutch language skills.

  • After registration in the BIG register, you may use the title of registered oral hygienist. You may then work in the Netherlands as a registered oral hygienist and independently perform certain reserved actions (without the instruction of the dentist).

Professional differences in both professions

Registered oral hygienist

May independently perform the following reserved actions:

  • take x-rays;

  • giving injections (anesthetic);

  • the filling of the first cavities.

Oral hygienist

May only perform the reserved actions (taking X-rays, anesthetizing and filling first cavities) on the instructions of a dentist or a registered oral hygiënist.