Do you want to apply for a certificate of competence? Then you need to pass the general knowledge and skills test (AKV). This applies to all professions. Dutch language proficiency is the most important subject of the AKV test. Are you a dentist, doctor or nurse? Then you must also take the professional knowledge test (BI).

Invitation AKV test

Once you have submitted your application, we will send you an invitation for the AKV test. There are 2 test institutes: Cito for applicants with a higher professional (hbo) or secondary vocational education (mbo), and Babel for applicants with a university education. You will receive more information about the assessment when we process your application.

Did you pay but are you not going to take the AKV test? If you cancel at least 8 weeks before the test, your fees will be refunded.

AKV test for secondary vocational education

The AKV test for applicants with a secondary vocation education is organised by Cito. You will a receive a letter with test dates after you have paid.

AKV test for university education

The AKV test for applicants with a university education is organised by Taleninstituut Babel. Do you want to register for the test? After your payment, send a mail to the CBGV committee. You will find the email address in your invitation letter. Then you will receive a registration code. This code is valid for 1 test (A+B, or A or B or C or D). Next, you can register online with Babel.

There are not many spots available per test. When a test is full, a new test date will be organised. Check the Babel website to stay informed.

Information meetings about AKV tests

We think it is important that you know what to expect when you take the AKV test. We organise information meetings to give you more information. This is also an opportunity for you to ask questions.

You can register for an information meeting via the link below. After registration you will receive more information about the location of the meeting.

Register for an information meeting (in Dutch).

Professional knowledge test (BI)

Dentists, doctors and nurses need to pass the AKV test and take a professional knowledge test (Beroepsinhoudelijke test, or BI). After your payment you will receive an invitation for the BI test.