Costs for assessment

To obtain a certificate of competence you need to pass the general knowledge and skills test (AKV). Dentists, doctors and nurses also have to pass the professional knowledge test (BI). Here is an overview of the fees you can expect.

General knowledge and skills (AKV) test

University education: € 530

Higher professional and secondary vocational education: € 225

AKV re-sit fees

University education

  • Summary and presentation: € 200;
  • Interview and report: €200;
  • Reading proficiency in English: € 65;
  • Knowledge of the Dutch healthcare system: € 65.

Higher professional and secondary vocational education

  • Dutch language: € 95;
  • English language: €95;
  • Knowledge of healthcare expressions and terminology in Dutch: € 35.

Cancellation at least 8 weeks before test

Did you pay but are you not going to take the AKV test? If you cancel at least 8 weeks before the test, your fees will be refunded.

Professional knowledge test (BI)

  • Dentists: € 1,500;
  • Doctors: € 1,700;
  • Nurses: € 400.