Proof of language proficiency

As a health care professional working in the Netherlands, it is important to have sufficient knowledge of the Dutch language for practising your profession. That way there will be no miscommunication between you and your patients or clients. Therefore, you must provide proof of your Dutch language skills.

What is a sufficient proof of language skills?

  • An authentic  diploma or a validated copy of your diploma from a certified Dutch occupational education institution;
  • Original diplomas or validated copies of diplomas from certified Dutch primary education and secondary education institutions;
  • A certificate of competence; this is valid for 2 years;
  • A validated diploma or certificate (with stamp and signature) of the ‘Taaltoets Nederlands’ which is valid for 2 years.
  • The proof and the level of Dutch in the ‘Taaltoets Nederlands’ varies per profession.

Nurses, physiotherapists and midwives

For registration in the BIG-register as a nurse you also need a recognised diploma or certificate of the ‘Taaltoets Nederlands’ at level B1 of the Common European Qualifications Framework.

For registration in the BIG-register as a physiotherapist, physician assistant or midwife you need a recognized diploma or certificate ‘Taaltoets Nederlands’ at level B2 of the Common European Qualifications Framework.

Doctors, dentists, pharmacists, psychotherapists, health care psychologists and remedial educationalists

The language level of the diploma or certificate ‘Taaltoets Nederlands’ must be B2 + of the Common European Training Framework. In addition, the Dutch test must consist the same components as the general knowledge and skills test (AKV) for academic professions in the context of the professional competence declaration procedure (non-European diplomas). This Dutch test is aimed at language and communication skills that are required in health care in the Netherlands. On the website of Babel institute , you can read which components are involved.

The test can be taken by Babel or any other organization in the Netherlands or abroad that contains the same language components and tests at the same level (B2 +).