Do I need to inform the BIG-register of a change of address?

If you live in the Netherlands you do not need to inform us about a change of address. If you go to live abroad, you have to inform us yourself of the changes by sending an email to If you log in from abroad with your BIG log-in, you can change your details yourself.

The BIG-register will be informed automatically of any changes in your personal details by the municipal personal records database (BRP) if you live in the Netherlands. Once you register within a Dutch municipal authority, your details will be passed on to us automatically.

If you choose to register a different address with the BIG-register, we will no longer receive updates from the municipal personal records database.

Correspondence via email or mail

You will receive any BIG-register correspondence via email or by mail. You can state your preference when you apply for registration. Please make sure your information is up to date.

Do you need to change your information? Log in with your DigiD or BIG-login (from abroad) via ‘Mijn registratie’. You will find all correspondence with the BIG-register in your online file.