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It is important for healthcare professionals to be registered in the BIG register. This makes it clear what a healthcare professional can and is allowed to do. On this site you can:

What does a BIG registration mean:

  • You may use the legally protected title(s) belonging to your profession;
  • Allied medical care professionals, doctors, dentists, clinical technologist, midwives, nurses, physician assistants and registered dental hygienist may carry out certain reserved procedures independently;

  • You may practise your profession independently when you have a foreign diploma;
  • You can begin specialist training in your professional field;
  • You are subject to Dutch disciplinary law.

For healthcare professionals

VIdeo Foreign diploma

(An animation)

Registering a foreign diploma. Why is that necessary?

If you want to work in the Netherlands with a foreign diploma you have to meet the quality requirements of the Dutch healthcare system.

For some professions registration in the BIG register is required.

Often the diploma must be recognised first.

So now what? It depends on the situation, such as the country where you obtained the diploma.

Use the advice wizard, then you know exactly what steps you have to take.

If you want to work with patients you must speak good Dutch. So wait with your application until your Dutch is up to standard.

The advice wizard tells you the conditions you have to meet.

(A clock indicates the time.)

Take your time over taking good care.

(The Dutch coat of arms, next to: CIBG. Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. On-screen text: Take your time over taking good care.)

For patients or clients

Want to know what a healtchare professional can do or is allowed to do? Search the BIG register. You can search by name or by BIG number.