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BIG-registration is obligatory for 12 healthcare professions. The BIG register is a legal, online and public register for Professions in Individual Health Care (Beroepen in de Individuele Gezondheidszorg). Only healthcare professionals who are registered in the BIG register, may use the protected professional title and may independently perform the reserved actions associated with the profession. Healthcare professionals with a foreign diploma must have there diploma officially recognised before they can register.

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Last updated on the 21st of February 2022

Foreign diploma

Healthcare professionals with a foreign diploma can only register with a officially recognized foreign diploma. The advice wizard shows you which procedure for recognition may apply to your situation. You also need to provide a proof of language proficiency when you apply for registration. If you wish to register with a qualification/diploma you obtained five or more years ago,  you must also fullfil extra criteria. 

Learn how to get your foreign diploma recognized.

What it means to be BIG registrated

  • You may use the legally protected title(s) belonging to your profession;
  • Doctors, dentists, clinical technologist, midwives, nurses, physician assistants and registered dental hygienist may carry out certain reserved procedures independently;
  • You can begin specialist training in your professional field;
  • You are subject to Dutch disciplinary law;
  • You may practise your profession independently when you have a recognized foreign diploma.