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  1. What is a validated or certified copy?

    A validated copy is a copy with an original stamp and signature or initial from the programme concerned or from a notary within ...

    Frequently asked questions

  2. What do the supporting documents that I have to submit from abroad look like?

    Are you applying for a BIG (re)registration and do you have foreign work experience or are you applying for recognition of your ...

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  3. How do I search the BIG-register?

    You can easily find a healthcare professional in the BIG-register by using the Search function on our website. You can also call ...

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  4. What are the opening hours of the BIG-register?

    The BIG-register opening hours are Monday to Friday, 8.30 am till 5 pm. The BIG information line number is: 0900 - 89 98 225.

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  5. How do I check a statement’s digital certificate of authenticity?

    The BIG register provides the following digital statements: Extract BIG register (summary) and a Certificate of Current ...

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  6. Application form Temporary and occasional services

    Form | 04-06-2020

  7. VIdeo Foreign diploma

    This video explains which procedures you may need to follow if you want to work in the Dutch healthcare sector with a foreign ...

    Video | 17-04-2017

  8. How can I get a doctor's certificate legalised?

    A doctor’s certificate for essential medicines to take abroad can be legalised by CAK. Other declarations can be legalised ...

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  9. What should I do with a complaint about a healthcare professional?

    If you are unhappy about the treatment, you should first talk to your healthcare provider. On this page you also find information ...

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  10. Why is it useful to check the BIG-register?

    The BIG-register shows you whether a healthcare professional is licensed to practice according to Dutch quality standards.

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