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How do I search the BIG-register?

You can easily find a healthcare professional in the BIG-register by using the Search function on our website. You can also call ...

Frequently asked questions

What does 'BIG' mean?

The Individual Healthcare Professions Act (BIG Act) regulates the qualification of healthcare professionals to practice in the ...

Frequently asked questions

What is a validated copy?

A validated copy is a copy with an original stamp and signature or initial from the programme concerned or from a notary within ...

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to inform the BIG-register of a change of address?

If you live in the Netherlands you do not need to inform us about a change of address. If you are going to live abroad, send us ...

Frequently asked questions

List of legally recognized specialisms

Would you like to have your specialism recognized in the BIG-register? See which specialisms are legally recognized.

Circular | 03-03-2017

List of approved diplomas

Check the list of approved diplomas and then consult our online advice application to see if you can register directly in the ...

Circular | 03-03-2017

Decree functional autonomy (Besluit functionele zelfstandigheid)

The decree ‘Besluit functionele zelfstandigheid’ states that nurses, denturists and oral hygienists can carry out so-called ...

Regulation | 03-03-2017

Application form exemption BES islands

Do you want to work on Bonaire, St Eustatius or Saba (BES islands) as a doctor, dentist, pharmacist or midwife? Then you will ...

Form | 03-03-2017