What is a validated or certified copy?

A validated copy of your diploma or certificate is a copy that carries an original stamp and signature or initial from the programme concerned or from a notary within the European Economic Area.

The stamp and signature or initial declare the content of the copy to be identical to the original. The BIG-register requires a validated copy of your diploma or certificate so that we have a document with the required validation marks.

Please note: an apostille does not replace a certified copy. An apostille only proves that the signature on the document is genuine, but says nothing about the content of the document. For that reason an apostille is not accepted.

Educational institutions have agreed to issue one or more validated copies of diplomas and certificates.

Important to know

  • Certified copies will not be returned and will remain part of your file with us.
  • We strongly recommend that you do not send any original documents. Unfortunately, these often get lost in the mail.
  • If you still want to send an original document, this is at your own risk.
  • You can collect an original document after you have received a message from us that your file is complete.
  • We recommend to collect the original within one month after receiving the letter. After this month, the original document will go to a central archive. From that moment on it is only possible to collect the document by appointment.