Overview and clarification of evidence

On this page you will find an overview of the documents (supporting documents) that you need to apply for permission for temporary and incidental services with a diploma obtained within the EEA or Switzerland.You can also read when translation of the documents is necessary and which requirements this translation must meet.

Which documents does everyone have to submit?

Every applicant must submit the following documents along with the signed application form:

  • Proof that the service is temporary and occasional
    This may be a statement signed by the employer for whom you perform temporary services. This must be specified for how long and for how many hours you are going to do the work. In addition, you sign the declaration of intent on the application form.
  • An authenticated original qualification or an authenticated copy of the qualification
    An authenticated copy is a paper copy of your qualification with an ink stamp and a signature or initials of your training institution, or of a civil-law notary from an EEA member state. Most training institutions issue one or more authenticated copies along with the original qualification. It may take some time to apply for a (new) authenticated copy of your qualification.
  • A copy of a valid identity document
    A copy of your passport, your ID card or residence permit does not have to be authenticated. However, all the details must be visible on the document.

  • A Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    This is an overview of your education and work experience. The CV must contain details of all your work experience and education up to the time of this application. It is also important that you indicate the start and end dates of each course and period of work experience. In the case of your current work experience or courses you are currently following, you should enter today's date as the end date. You must be truthful when drawing up your CV.

  • Certificate(s) of Current Professional Status (CCPS)
    This is proof that you are entitled to practice your profession in a State concerned other than the Netherlands and that there are no foreign authorisation limits in force. You must submit a CCPS from the country in which you obtained your qualification and from the countries in which you attended additional work placements or medical internships, or worked in your profession, for longer than three months after you had obtained your qualification. You must submit a separate CCPS for each country. A CCPS must not be older than three months and must be an original, or an authenticated copy. On the list of competent authorities you will find the foreign organisations known to us from which you can obtain a CCPS or relevant information.

Additional documents that may be required

An additional authenticated certificate is required in some situations. You should check carefully whether any of the following is applicable to you:

  • Your qualification is included on the list but is accompanied by an additional note
    The list of designated qualifications includes a note in the final column relating to your country, profession and qualification title stating that a 'Certificate accompanying the qualifications' must be included with the qualification. You must therefore submit this certificate or an authenticated copy with the application.
  • Your qualification title has a different name to the name shown on the list of designated qualifications, but this nevertheless relates to the same course
    In this situation you must submit an additional certificate ('certificate of conformity'). This situation arises when, for example, the name of a course is changed. You can obtain this declaration from the competent authority in your professional field in the country in which you obtained your qualification. The declaration must show:

    • that your course fulfils the minimum EU course requirements and

    • that your course title can be equated with a course title referred to in the list of designated qualifications.

  • Your qualification is from before the reference date on the list
    On the list of approved designated qualifications you will find a reference date for each profession in the final column. If your qualification title is not on the list, but other qualification titles for your profession are, it may be that you obtained your qualification before the reference date. If your qualification is from before this date and you are a doctor, nurse, dentist, midwife or pharmacist, you may still be eligible for automatic recognition with  direct enrolment.

    You must then submit a '3 out of 5 certificate' from each EEA country in which you have worked in your profession. In the '3 out of 5 certificate' the competent authority states that, during the five years prior to the certificate, you practised your profession legally for at least three successive years. This certificate will make you eligible for automatic recognition with direct enrolment with direct BIG registration.

Required translations of the documents

If your documents are written in a language other than Dutch, English, German or French, you must add both the document in the original language and an original translation. The translation must be done by a sworn translator. If you send a copy of the translation, you must have it certified by the authority that issued the document or a notary established in an EEA Member State.