Proof of enrolment - extract

Once you have been enrolled in the BIG register, you will receive a decision and your BIG number. This is your proof of enrolment. It may be the case, however, that an employer or another authority will request a more recent proof of enrolment in the BIG register. An authority can always easily search for your current registration online in the BIG register, but you can also request and immediately download an extract (summary) from the BIG register. This is a digitally validated document that you can email to the requesting authority. The extract is always drawn up in Dutch and English.

Applying for an extract

  • Log in to ‘Mijn BIG-register’ with your DigiD or BIG login
  • Go to the ‘Request declarations’ tab
  • Select ‘BIG register extract’
  • Go through the application
  • After completion, the extract can be downloaded immediately. You will also find the extract under ‘My files’
    The extract has been drawn up in Dutch and English.

Please note: It is a digitally validated document. The document loses its validation when you print it out.

Disciplinary measure?

If a disciplinary measure is recorded with your registration, it is not possible to request the extract online using ‘Mijn BIGregister’. An error message will then appear when submitting the application online. In this case, you can request the extract using a request form (editable PDF). You can request this form at our customer contact center.

Are you going to work abroad?

In many countries an extract is not suitable for the registration procedure with a foreign competent authority. In most cases, you will generally require a Certificate of current Professional Status (CCPS). A CCPS is a declaration of your certification and current or previous registration. Find out more about working abroad and the required declarations. If a foreign employer requests proof of current or previous registration, however, the extract is useful.

View your registration personally

You can view your registration in the BIG register online in ‘Mijn BIG-register’. Log in with DigiD or BIG login. Anyone can easily search for your registration in the BIG register.

Checking the certificate of authenticity of the extract

The extract is an official document with a certificate of authenticity that proves that the document is original and has been issued by the BIG-register. Once you have received an extract, you can check the certificate of authenticity. Sometimes you have to go through a number of steps to see the correct characteristic. Read more about checking the certificate of authenticity.