What should I do with a complaint about a healthcare professional?

If something goes wrong during treatment or you are not happy with the treatment, you should talk to your healthcare provider. There are also other options, like filing a complaint.

Talk to your healthcare provider

Maybe there was a misunderstanding and your problem or complaint could be solved when you get a clear explanation. Or maybe your healthcare provider was negligent/careless or they made a mistake. In these cases, talking with your healthcare provider can also bring a solution.

Many healthcare providers appreciate hearing about your complaint or discontent. When your healthcare provider knows what went wrong, they can make sure they improve. This improves healthcare in general, not just for you but also for other patients or clients.

Complaints procedures

Depending on what you wish to achieve you can take further action. All organisations in the healthcare sector have complaints procedures. These are not covered by the Healthcare Professionals Act (BIG Act). The BIG-register does not handle complaints about healthcare providers. You can choose to file a complaint with a complaint committee, an arbitration board or a disciplinary body.

The National Healthcare Report Centre (Landelijk Meldpunt Zorg) can inform you about the possibilities to solve your issues. They also give practical tips. The National Healthcare Report Centre collaborates closely with the Health Care Inspectorate (IGZ).