Search disciplinary measures in the BIG-register

The BIG-register maintains an overview of healthcare professionals who have had an order or disciplinary measure imposed on them under the Healthcare Professionals Act.

The overview contains:

  • measures imposed by one of the healthcare disciplinary boards or the Medical Practitioners Tribunal;
  • measures resulting from the transfer of a sanction imposed by a court abroad;
  • orders imposed by the Health Care Inspectorate IGZ;
  • sanctions imposed by a Dutch criminal court.

See the document Overview of healthcare professionals with a disciplinary measure or order.

Foreign overviews of disciplinary measures

The BIG-register is working hard to establish an exchange of information with other European countries on disciplinary measures imposed on healthcare professionals. Public lists of healthcare professionals on whom disciplinary measures have been imposed are available in 3 other countries:

  1. United Kingdom:
    Dentists and doctors;
  2. Denmark:
    dentists, doctors, midwives, nurses and, physiotherapists;
  3. Norway:
    All professions.