For employers

Do you want to hire a healthcare professional from abroad? Always check whether they are registered in the BIG-register or have a recognition from the BIG-register.

The following professionals may only practise their professions independently when they are registered in the BIG-register: clinical technologists, dentists, doctors, pharmacists, health psychologists, remedial educationalists, physician assistant, physiotherapists, registered dental hygienist (temporary BIG registration), psychotherapists, midwives and nurses. Individuals should apply for their own registration or authorise their employer to apply on their behalf.

Professionals with another medical profession may only work in the Netherlands after they have had their international qualification recognised.

European Professional Card for pharmacists, physiotherapists and nurses

Pharmacists, physiotherapists and nurses with a foreign diploma can apply for a European Professional Card (EBK or EPC). Employers can view the health care provider's data with an EBK on the Europe website. For this you need the name of the healthcare professional and the number of the identity card. You can then see whether an EBK has been issued for this healthcare professional and whether it is still valid.

Work temporarily in the Netherlands with a European diploma?

A healthcare professional with a European diploma who wants to perform temporary work in the Netherlands that can only be carried out independently by a BIG registered healthcare professional, can make use of the freedom to provide services. A BIG registration is not required, but an application for Temporary and Incidental services must be submitted. This is only possible for professionals who are authorized to practice the profession in another EU country and who have a European diploma of vocational training. A number of documents must be enclosed with the application. Information about the procedure, the conditions and the required documents can be found under Work temporarily in the Netherlands.

Temporary and Incidental provision of services via European Professional Card

Pharmacists, physiotherapists and nurses may also request permission for temporary and occasional services via the European Professional Card (EPC or EBK).

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