registering as a psychotherapist

If you want to register as a psychotherapist and you obtained your diploma more than 5 years ago, you must meet additional requirements. You can register if you meet the work experience requirement or the training requirement. These are the same requirements that apply to re-registration

Work experience requirement

Over a 5-year period, you must have worked 3,120 hours as a physician assistant. Work experience will only count if it meets the requirements of the Psychotherapists' Evaluation Framework.  

More information on the work experience requirement.

Training requirement

If you are not working, or have not achieved the standard number of hours, you can still qualify for re-registration through training.

More information on the training requirement.

Double registration as a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist

If you are also registered as a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist, you might want to consider whether you need to re-register as a psychotherapist in the BIG register. The specialisation of clinical psychologist is registered with the profession of healthcare psychologist, while the specialisation of psychiatrist is registered with the profession of physician. The profession of psychotherapist does not have a recognised specialisation. This means that if you want to keep your registration as a psychotherapist, you must submit an application for re-registration. You can find more information about the assessment of the activities in the event of a double registration in Chapter 9.1 of the Psychotherapists' Evaluation Framework.