Diploma over 5 years old

If you are a pharmacist, doctor, physiotherapist, health psychologist, physician assistant, psychotherapist, dentist, nurse or midwife and you obtained your diploma more than 5 years ago, you must meet additional requirements. These are the same requirements that apply to re-registration.

Last updated on the 24th of december 2021

What is re-registration?

Every five years, all healthcare providers in the BIG register are asked to apply for re-registration. Re-registration helps to ensure that care is provided by care providers who are active in their profession. To do this, they must demonstrate that they have worked a certain number of hours in their profession (work experience criteria), or can obtain a Periodic Registration Certificate (PRC) for the core skills of their profession (training criteria) through a defined training pathway, and thus demonstrate that they meet the required level.

What does this mean for your application?

If you want to register with a Dutch or a recognised foreign diploma that you obtained more than 5 years ago, you must also immediately meet the (work experience) criteria for re-registration. In order to demonstrate that you meet these additional requirements, you must provide certain documents (supporting documents) with your application. 

You can find more information about the criteria in the specific criteria for your profession. Advice regarding the supporting documents to be provided, can be found on documentary proof of work experience.

The procedure

Below you will see the steps of the application procedure if your diploma is more than 5 years old.

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