About the BIG-register

The BIG-register is maintained by CIBG on behalf of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. Anyone can consult the BIG-register. CIBG also issues declarations of professional competence and takes care of the recognition of foreign diplomas.

Last updated on the 14th of June 2021

Competence of healthcare professionals

The BIG-register gives clarity about the care provider’s qualifications and entitlement to practise. More than 350,000 healthcare professionals are listed in the BIG-register.

Recognition foreign diploma

Care providers holding a foreign diploma must meet the Dutch quality requirements. Their training must be on a level that is at least equivalent to a Dutch diploma. Relevant professional experience can count towards reaching this level.

The CIBG takes its decision based on the advice of an independent expert committee, the Commission for Foreign Healthcare Graduates (CBGV).

Read more about the recognition of a foreign diploma.

Search the BIG-register

Anyone can consult the BIG-register. Do you want to know if your health professional is authorized to practise their profession? You can look them up in the BIG-register, by name of by BIG number. Every registered health professional has this unique, personal BIG number. Ask your healthcare professional for their BIG number.

Search the BIG-register


The BIG-register arises from the BIG Act (in Dutch: ‘Wet op de beroepen in de individuele gezondheidszorg’; Individual Healthcare Professions Act).

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