The following 11 professions can register in the BIG-register: dentists, doctors, health psychologists, technical physician, midwives, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, physician assistants, psychotherapists and remedial educationalists.


If you work in one of the 10 professions mentioned above, you can register in the BIG-register.

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Foreign diploma

When you have an international qualification there are extra conditions for registration. Often, you first have to have your qualifications acknowledged. It is also important that you have sufficient command of the Dutch language.

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Other professions

Not all professions can be registered register in the BIG-register. Sometimes it is possible to register voluntarily with your professional association.

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To be eligible for registration in the BIG register you must meet all requirements, which also includes a proof of language proficiency. When you are not going to work in the Netherlands you do not need the BIG-registration.
Proof that you have obtained your professional education as a physical therapist in the Netherlands, we can provide you with a specific official statement. This statement is called a Certificate of non-registration. It states the level of your obtained diploma in the Netherlands and that you are not registered in the BIG-register.