Rights and responsibilities

Your registration in the BIG-register brings with it certain rights and obligations. These make sure that the quality of healthcare remains high. Here you can read about the rights and responsibilities that you have as a registered healthcare professional.

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Decision and registration

When your application has been approved, you will be registered in the BIG register. From that moment on you are legally authorized to practice your profession. We will publish your name, profession, BIG number and any specialism via this website. From that moment on, this information can also be found by anyone via this website.

Using a professional title

The professional titles listed in the BIG-register are protected by law. They may only be used by healthcare professionals whose names are entered in the register.

Reserved procedures

Reserved procedures are medical procedures that can only be carried out by an expert. Otherwise, the risks for the health of the patient could be too high. Examples of reserved procedures are: surgical and obstetric procedures, injections and administering anaesthetics. The BIG Act lists what professions may carry out these procedures.

Who may carry out reserved procedures?

Doctors, dentists and midwives who are registered in the BIG-register may carry out certain reserved procedures independently.

If you are not authorized to perform certain procedures independently, it is possible that you may perform them under the responsiblity of a registered healthcare professional. See also the Dutch FAQ.

Authorization for nurses to prescribe ('voorschrijfbevoegdheid')

When you are registered as a nurse in the BIG-register, you may prescribe medicine within your field of expertise. This is called in Dutch ‘voorschrijfbevoegdheid verpleegkundigen’. BIG-registered nurses can apply to have their authorization listed in the BIG-register.
Read more about ‘voorschrijfbevoegdheid verpleegkundigen’ on our Dutch website.

Disciplinary rules

When you are registered in the BIG-register you are subject to Dutch disciplinary law (‘tuchtrecht’). A disciplinary body determines whether a healthcare professional abides by the rules of their profession.

See also Disciplinary measures.

Working with a European Professional Card (EPC)

Since 2016, pharmacists, physiotherapists and nurses with a foreign diploma can apply for a European Professional Card or EPC via the website of Europe.

Pharmacists, physiotherapists and nurses who work in the Netherlands temporarily are not listed in the BIG-register. Therefore, they cannot be found via this website. Would you like to know whether your pharmacist, physiotherapist or nurse is authorized? Ask for their EPC.

Healthcare professionals with an EPC who work temporarily or occasionally in the Netherlands are subject to Dutch disciplinary law).