When you are registered in the BIG-register you can undertake specialist training within your professional field. 5 professions have fields of specialist expertise that are legally recognised: doctor, dentist, pharmacist, health psychologist and nurse.

Medical specialist registers

If you are registered as a medical specialist with one of these, the information will automatically be passed on to the BIG-register. We will then enter your details in the BIG-register. The date that is listed with your specialization is an administrative date and cannot be changed.

The specialist registers are maintained by the Medical Specialist Registration Committees (SRC) of the various professional organisations. You can find more information (in Dutch) on their websites:

Dentists: Registratiecommissie Tandheelkundige Specialismen (RTS)

Doctors: Registratiecommissie Geneeskundig Specialisten (RGS)

Health psychologists: Commissie Registratie en Toezicht (CRT)

Nurses: Registratiecommissie Specialismen Verpleegkunde (RSV)

Pharmacists: Specialisten Registratie Commissie (SRC)