Preparing the application

Before you start your application it is important to arrange a number of matters.

Make sure you have obtained the required documents

To apply for automatic recognition of your diploma with a BIG registration, each applicant must submit various documents (evidence). Depending on your situation, extra additional documents may be necessary. You should bear in mind that it can, for example, take a long time to obtain documents from abroad. In order to avoid your application being unnecessarily delayed, we recommend that you wait until you have all the documents before making your application. It will also speed up the processing of your application.

Make sure you have the right translations of the documents

If your documents have been drawn up in a language other than Dutch, English, German or French, you must submit both the document in the original language and an original translation. The translation must have been made by a certified translator. If you submit a copy of the translation, you must have it certified by the body that issued the document, or by another competent body. You can find out about the bodies that are competent from the authority in the country in which you obtained your qualification (this may be, for example, a civil-law notary practising in the country in question). The copy of the document in the original language must also be correctly authenticated. A translator is not authorised to authenticate the copy of the document in the original language.

If you need a BIG registration in the near future, make sure you start learning Dutch

For healthcare it is important that you have a good command of Dutch. If you have to apply for BIG registration for your profession in the near future, you must also submit proof of Dutch language proficiency. It is therefore important that you start learning Dutch in time and/or take a language test at the right level before you apply for BIG registration. On the 'Proof of Dutch language proficiency' page you can read more about which types of proof of language proficiency are available, the required level of language proficiency and the providers of tests.

Did you obtain your diploma more than 5 years ago?

If you apply with a qualification older than 5 years, you must submit evidence of your workexperience in the past 5 years. This means, for example, an employer's declaration and a job description. Please carefullty read the information about the workexperience criteria on 'Applications with a qualification older them five years'.

If you do not fulfil the work experience requirements, you may be able to register by attending a training course which awards a Periodical Registration Certificate (PRC). Please contact us to find out whether this is possible in your case.