Your international qualification must be officially recognised. There are 3 different procedures. In this section you will find information about these and other procedures.

Last updated on the 9th of July 2021


The international registration route offers 3 different ways to apply:

  1. Apply for a certificate of competence;
  2. Apply for recognition of your professional qualifications;
  3. Apply for registration in the BIG register.


Together with your application for registration in the BIG register, you can apply for recognition and registration of your specialist field of expertise.

Additional training

Your qualifications need to be at least equivalent to those awarded in the Netherlands. If they are not, we will refuse your application. You may then choose to undertake further studies at a Dutch university or other institute of higher education.

The institute of higher education that you choose will determine: whether you are eligible to join a course, at what level you may do so, and the duration of the additional training you need.

When the BIG register first considers your application, we assess the level of your existing training and qualifications. University admissions offices will take this assessment into account.

Information meetings and consultation hours

You may run into some questions while preparing the application. For example, about how to submit an application, any tests or about the mandatory documents that you must submit. Information meetings are therefore organized for all three procedures.

For the procedures 'Recognition of Professional Qualifications' (Erkenning van Beroepskwalificaties) and 'Certificate of Competence' (Verklaring van Vakbekwaamheid), it is also possible to ask questions to an employee of 'Recognition Foreign Diplomas' during an appointment of half an hour.

Read more about participating in the consultation hour Recognition of Professional Qualifications and the consultation hour Certificate of Competence.

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