Qualification older than five years

If you obtained your qualification five or more years ago, you must also directly fulfil the criteria for re-registration in the BIG register. In this situation the process of automatic recognition with direct enrolment of your qualification with BIG registration can therefore take more time and in this case it is not possible to submit your application digitally.

What is re-registration?

Every five years every healthcare professional in the BIG register receives a new invitation to apply for re-registration. Among other things this means that you must have worked a certain number of hours within the field of expertise of your profession in order to be allowed to re-register. This is referred to as the workexperience criteria. If you wish to register using a qualification which is older than 5 years, you must also fulfil these criteria and submit documents (evidence) to demonstrate this.

The procedure

Below you will find the elements that make up the application procedure.