Processing time and costs

The exact time it takes before your qualification is recognised and the related costs can differ per person and per situation. For example, it can take some people more time to complete preparations, such as learning Dutch, than others. Statutory deadlines apply to checking and assessing tests and processing the application.

Total amount of time to obtain recognition

In total the entire process takes, on average, between one and three years from the moment you submit your application. The exact amount of time that it takes until you receive your certificate of competence depends on a variety of factors:

The preparations

The amount of time that the preparations take differs per person. If, for example, you have to learn Dutch, this will take time. What is more, it can sometimes take a long(er) time to obtain the required documents (evidence) from a foreign institution.

The application

If your application has been completed fully and properly, and if you have submitted all the documents (correctly), we will notify you of the next step within 3 weeks. If any information is missing, or if additional information is required, we will send you a request to submit it. In the meantime the processing of your application will be put on hold. As a result it may take longer to process your application in full.

The tests

You can take the tests or parts of the test on a number of occasions during the year. It can therefore vary how long you must wait before you can take a test, or part of a test. It is also conceivable that you will not pass the test or part of a test in one go and will have to do a resit. On the tests page you can read about the deadlines by which you must have taken the tests.

Test result deadlines

  • General knowledge and skills test (elements): result within one week.
  • Professional test: result within 3 to 6 weeks.

Deadlines for the assessment of applications by the commission

A number of fixed deadlines apply to the assessment of the application by the commission and the receipt of your decision.

  • For professions with only a general knowledge and skills test, the application will be assessed within 14 weeks after you have received a message that you have passed all the test elements. You will also receive your intended decision by this deadline.
  • For professions for which a professional test is also required, the application will be assessed within 12 weeks after the result of the professional test has become known. You will also receive your intended decision by this deadline.


The application for the certificate of competence and the assessment by the commission are free of charge. However, you will be charged for the tests. The exact costs depend on the number of tests and the level at which the test(s) are taken. You can read about the costs of each test in the tests section.

Possible other costs

You will also have to pay if you are taking a course or training in the Dutch language. The related costs differ per provider. Having documents authenticated may also cost money.

Costs of applying for BIG registration

You can apply for BIG registration after you have received a certificate of competence for certain professions. The costs of BIG registration are € 85.00. For your BIG registration you must also prove that you are not subject to any foreign restrictions of authority or criminal convictions. Obtaining this proof will often cost money. The amounts differ per country.