Recognition of your professional qualifications

Procedure for recognition of your professional qualifications (diploma). Check the Advice application first to see if this procedure applies to your situation.

Send your application

  • Fill in the form that applies to your profession and the appendix that applies to your profession (in Dutch). If you want your specialty to be recognised, indicate this on the application form;
  • Print out the form and sign section 5;
  • Add the required documents (see section 6 of the application form). It is important that you fill out all the required documents and send them to us. Otherwise we cannot handle your application;
  • Send the application form and the required documents by post to:
    Postbus 16114
    2500BC, Den Haag
    The Netherlands

Within 2 weeks you will receive a confirmation of your application.


When your application is complete, and the Commission for Foreign Healthcare Graduates CBGV thinks this necessary, we will ask Nuffic or SBB to assess your diploma. Next, the CBGV will give their advice.

The BIG-register then gives you a provisional decision. You will have 2 weeks to respond to this decision. After this, a final decision is issued.

Your qualification is recognised

When your qualification is recognised, you can start the BIG registration procedure. This only applies to dentists, doctors, health psychologists, midwives, nurses, pharmacists, physician assistant, physiotherapists, psychotherapists and remedial educationalists.

You can apply for BIG registration as soon as your diploma has been recognised. The diploma recognition will serve as proof of language proficiency for BIG registration and is valid for 2 years.

For other professions, recognition of your qualification means that you are allowed to use your professional title and practise your profession independently in the Netherlands.

Your qualification is not (yet) recognised

If your qualification is not yet recognised, you first need to undertake adaptation training or do an aptitude test. When you succeed in this, your professional qualifications will be recognised.


Do you have any questions about the decision and what you should do regarding it? Please contact the BIG information line. Always state the reference that is listed on the decision.

Processing time

As soon as we have received your complete application the processing starts. It will take up to 3 months. This time limit can be extended by 1 month. You will be informed if an extension is necessary.


Recognition of your qualifications is free. A BIG registration costs € 85.