Recognition of professional qualifications

This procedure applies in general to applicants with a non-automatically recognised qualification obtained in an EU member state or Switzerland. If you have not yet done this, check the Advice Wizard to see whether this procedure is applicable to your situation. After obtaining a recognition of professional qualifications it is possible, for certain professions, to apply for a BIG registration.

Last updated on the 11th of august 2022

The procedure

The steps that make up the procedure for recognising professional qualifications are shown below. If you have submitted the application and all the required documents, your application can be processed. This will take a maximum of 12 weeks. If necessary, this period can be extended by 1 month.

Step-by-step plan

Read the step-by-step plan on this page properly before you start the application. It is likely that you will have to do some preparatory work first.

Recognition of professional qualifications

The steps that make up the procedure are shown below

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