Costs and processing time

The time the total procedure takes until your qualification is recognised depends on a number of factors. For example, for some people it may take more time to obtain the necessary documents from abroad than others. The application for recognition is free of charge. However, obtaining the required documents, or having them authenticated and translated often does cost money. If you apply for BIG registration after your qualification has been recognised, this will also cost you money.

Factors which influence the process as a whole

Additional training or internships

It is possible that your application for recognition of professional qualifications will not be approved, or will not be approved directly, for example because an additional course or internship is required. An additional course may last several years.

Obtaining documents from abroad

It can sometimes take a long time to obtain the required documents (evidence) from a foreign institution. This can cause the total process to take longer. You can prevent any unnecessary loss of time by first making sure that your documents are complete before you make an application.

Missing documents or information

If documents are missing from your application, or if additional information is required, we will send you a request to submit them. As a result it may take longer to process your application.

Application processing time

The total time it takes until your qualification is recognised can, therefore, differ per person and per situation. However, our assessment and processing of the application is not allowed to exceed a maximum of 12 weeks. The processing time starts as soon as we have received your complete application. A complete application consists of a signed application form with the required annexes and documents. If we have not yet received all the necessary documents from you, the statutory processing period will stop. It will continue when you have sent us all the missing documents. We are allowed to extend the processing time by 1 month, if that is necessary. You will receive a message if this applies to your application.


The application for the Recognition of professional qualifications and the assessment by the commission are free of charge.

However, obtaining the required documents, or having them authenticated and translated often does cost money. These costs are different for each country and situation. Any additional course which may be necessary will also cost extra.

Possible different costs (after recognition)

Application for BIG registration

BIG registration is obligatory for certain professions if you want to work in your profession and use your professional title in the Netherlands. After receiving a Recognition of your professional qualifications, you will be able to apply for BIG registration. The costs of BIG registration are € 85.00. For your BIG registration you must also prove that you are not subject to any foreign restrictions of authority or criminal convictions. Obtaining this proof will often cost money. The amounts differ per country.

Proof of Dutch language proficiency

In addition, you must also submit proof of Dutch language proficiency along with your application for BIG registration. You will have to pay to follow a Dutch language course and/or take a test. The related costs differ per provider.