Prepare for your registration

For your BIG registration, you need an official copy of a valid diploma. Depending on your situation, additional documents may also be required. Make sure you have everything complete before you start the online registration, that saves time.

Last updated on the 18th of November 2021

What does everyone need?

A validated copy of your diploma

If you have a foreign diploma you can only register with a officially recognized qualifications. If your qualification is not yet recognised by the BIG-register then first read more about the recognition procedures.

For the application for BIG registration, each applicant must submit a (certified copy of a) valid diploma of the profession for which you are applying for registration. You can submit the diploma in two ways:

  • Via the direct link with 'Mijn diploma’s’ [in Dutch] from DUO

If your diploma is included in ‘Mijn diploma’s’ [in Dutch] and you log in to 'Mijn BIG-register' [in Dutch] with DigiD, you can select your diploma in our online application form. Your diploma will then be checked directly in ‘Mijn diploma’s’ [in Dutch]. Have you just obtained your diploma? Then it can take a few weeks before the diploma is available in ‘Mijn diploma’s’ [in Dutch].

  • Sending a certified copy

Foreign diploma's and some dutch diplomas  are not included in ‘Mijn diploma’s’ [in Dutch]. Also when you log in with a BIG login because you cannot apply for a DigiD, the diploma is not available in the application form. In these situations you will send a certified copy by post after submitting the application. This is a paper copy of your diploma with an ink stamp and a signature or initials from your education, or from a notary from an EEA member state. Most study programs provide one or more certified copies with a diploma. 

A copy of your valid passport or valid residence permit

Make sure all data on the document are clearly visible on the copy.

A recent resume (CV)

This is an overview of your education(s) and work experience. The CV must contain all your work experiences and education up to the time of this application. In addition, it is important that you indicate the start and end date of each education and work experience. For your current work experiences or education, you enter today as the end date. Your CV must be drafted truthfully.

Possible additional documents

If one of the situations below applies to you, this means that you must submit one or more additional documents with your application. The situations state which document is involved.

Have you followed your vocational training in another language?

Did you complete your vocational training in a language other than Dutch, for example in English? Then you need proof of language proficiency. If you have a foreign diploma, read more in the recognition procedure that applies to you.

Have you lived or worked abroad in your profession?

In that case, you must provide proof that no foreign jurisdiction restrictions are in force (a Certificate of Current Professional Status) and proof that you have no criminal convictions (Certificate of Good Conduct). You can request these supporting documents in every country where you have lived or worked in your profession. These statements must not be older than three months and must be original or a certified copy. You do not need to supply CCPS or CGC from the Netherlands.

Is your diploma older than 5 years?

If you are a pharmacist, doctor, physiotherapist, healthcare psychologist, physician assistant, psychotherapist, dentist, nurse or midwife and you want to register with a diploma older than 5 years, you must also meet the criteria for re-registration. You must have worked a certain number of hours within the area of expertise of your profession (work experience criteria) or obtain a Periodic Registration Certificate (PRC) through a defined training path for the core skills of your profession (training criteria). More information can be found in the specific criteria for your profession.

It is not possible to apply digitally via 'Mijn BIG-register' [in Dutch] with a diploma older than 5 years. You submit your registration request via an application form [in Dutch] (PDF).

Did you study physiotherapy?

A number of schools offer physiotherapy training in several languages. Did you obtain your diploma in physiotherapy at one of the schools below? Then we need an original certified statement with your application stating the language in which you followed the training. You received this statement from the school with your diploma.

  • Fontys Eindhoven
  • Tim van der Laan
  • Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen
  • Amsterdam University of Applies Sciences
  • Saxion
  • Zuyd Hogeschool
  • Universiteit Maastricht

Have you completed the English-taught physiotherapy training and are you going to work abroad and not in the Netherlands? Then you can request a 'Certificate of non-registration' from us.

Register as a registered dental hygienist?

In that case, you must also submit a radiation protection certificate (Supervisory Employee Radiation Protection Dentistry (TMS)) in addition to the diploma of the higher professional education course in Oral Hygiene (issued in the year 2006 or later). The certificate must be issued by a recognized training institution [in Dutch].

Register as a remedial educationalist generalist?

Until January 1, 2023, there is still a transition period for registration as a principal, in which transitional law applies. Read the message 'With which diplomas is it possible to register as a remedial educationalist-generalist' [in Dutch: ‘Met welke diploma’s is registreren als orthopedagoog-generalist mogelijk’] to find out with which (additional) diplomas you can apply for registration.

Explanation when submitting documents

You can upload certain documents in 'Mijn BIG-register' [in Dutch]. In the 'explanation of submitting documents' [in Dutch] you will find information about which documents you can upload and which mail must be sent. You will also find an explanation of how the upload works here.

Do you have all the necessary documents?

Apply for a DigiD?

If you do not have a DigiD, apply for one. Logging in with DigiD has a number of advantages: for most professions the diploma can be checked directly in ‘Mijn diploma’s’ [in Dutch] from DUO, various details are filled in and it is no longer necessary to print, sign and send the application by post. Anyone with a Citizen Service Number (BSN) can apply for DigiD. If you do not have a BSN yet, you can request a (temporary) BIG login [in Dutch].