Prepare for your registration

You need several documents when applying for your BIG-registration. Make sure you have all documents complete before you start your application. This will save you time. You will need:

1. A validated copy of your diploma

A validated copy of your diploma or certificate is a copy that carries an original stamp and signature or initial from the programme concerned or from a notary within the European Economic Area.

NB: Send the validated copy by mail. We cannot accept a copy of a validated copy.

Requesting a validated copy of your diploma can take some time.

2. A copy of your valid passport or valid residence permit

Make sure all data on the document are clearly visible on the copy.

3. A recent resume

4. Proof of language proficiency

Did you follow your professional training in another language than Dutch, for example in English? In that case you need to provide the BIG-register with proof of your language proficiency.

Tip: pay on time

Registration in the BIG-register costs € 85. The procedure starts after we receive your payment.

Do you have all the needed documents? Start your online application.